About us

Hi! We're Grandt and Sara, the owners/operators of Do's and Doughnts Sweet Treats. We're a happily married couple, navigating the ins and outs of life here in the beautiful mid valley of Oregon with our teenage son Jayden, our German Shepard Luna, and our reigning queen cat Minnie. We've both got full-time jobs we pour ourselves into (Grandt in marketing and Sara in higher education) but decided we didn't have quite enough on our plate yet and embarked on this delicious adventure together!
Sara started baking treats with her grandma Elsie from the time she could safely climb the step stool to reach the kitchen counter, and while Grandt entered the marriage with no baking experience, he quickly started picking up tips and tricks from Sara and all the baking content Food Network had to offer. We both love sweet treats, and thought if we paid extra attention to flavor, texture, and variety, we might have something worth sharing with more than just our immediate family. We started experimenting with treat bar ideas, using our friends and family as guinea pigs, and eventually came up with some treats we thought people would actually buy! They're made with quality ingredients, big enough to share with someone else (or not!), they make great gifts, and have been created with imagination, a sense of nostalgia, and heart.
We DO believe anytime is treat time...you DOUGHNT have to earn a treat, deserve a treat, or need a special occasion to enjoy a treat. Being a human (sorry Luna and Minnie!) making it through each day is all the reason you need to order yourself something from DO's and DOUGHNTS! We hope you enjoy eating our treats as much as we enjoy baking them!